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Fund of Funds is an investment strategy where portfolios are constructed with many different types of assets: stocks, bonds, other financial instruments, and funds.

ASCENT Fund Services acts as your local partner to support your goals and strategies. We can help your needs — from a traditional investment approach to complex and hybrid multi-manager and pooled fund structures. The use of a qualified and reputable fund of fund administrator is a marketing tool and a practical necessity for most fund managers. ASCENT is the Best Fund Administrator for Services and Technology that provides complete fund solutions along with automated eKYC & AML checks to adhere to all compliance requirements.

Contact us if your need the Best Fund Administrator Services that includes:

  • Calculation of Net Asset Value (NAV).
  • Investor Services.
  • Preparing of financial statements.
  • Providing Cash flows/ Liquidity reports.
  • FATCA/CRS etc.

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