Our Technology

Digital Onboarding

  • 80% reduction in user onboarding time
  • Accelerate customer acquisition with automated digital onboarding
  • Worldwide coverage against global ID of over 100 countries


  • KYC / AML screening under 60 seconds
  • Fulfil ongoing due diligence obligations
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest regulations set out by regulatory bodies

Automated Transaction Monitoring

  • Detect suspicious transactions instantaneously
  • Interpret huge transactions data easily with our intelligible charts
  • Fulfil AML requirements and demonstrate compliance to regulators

Fund Accounting Technology



PFS-PAXUS is a specialist fund accounting and fund administration system that is the product of choice for administrators of both alternative and traditional funds across the globe. An established market-leading product, PFS-PAXUS offers fund administrators a complete back-office fund accounting, portfolio valuation, fund pricing solution and shareholder recording keeping administrative solution on a single, fully integrated system. At ASCENT we use PFS-PAXUS to deliver best integrated solution to our clients. PFS-PAXUS is revolutionary in that it integrates all the processes including securities portfolio, allocation system, general ledger, fee calculation, share registry, investor communications. Benefits of this approach include increased efficiency, reduced risk of error, faster valuations, a simplified technical landscape and the ability to support complex investment structures whilst vastly reducing IT costs. PFS-PAXUS also brings all the benefits of a modern relational database design such as reliability and scalability.

The award winning PFS-PAXUS system supports wholesale fund administration and the administration of all manner of open and closed ended traditional and alternative funds, including hedge funds and private equity investment vehicles.
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ASCENT-CONNECT is a real-time 24/7 web portal that enables fund managers, investors and other authorised thirdparties to access their information online. ASCENT-CONNECT communicates directly with the PFS-PAXUS database providing users with access to the latest available information including a dashboard, fund data, portfolio analysis, documents, graphs and much more. Most configuration options for ASCENT-CONNECT are maintained in the core PFS-PAXUS database, ensuring seamless integration, minimal IT support requirements, maximum reliability and ease of use.

Access to ASCENT-CONNECT is tightly controlled with the administration and validation of user credentials being highly automated via PFS-PAXUS, including the generation of advisory emails and letters.

With an extensive range of functionality combined with advanced reporting abilities and comprehensive regulatory coverage, PFS-PAXUS and ASCENT-CONNECT equip fund administrators the next-generation administrative technologies necessary to meet the ever increasing needs of clients, investors and regulators operating within a progressively diverse and dynamic environment.



World-Check provides trusted information to help businesses comply with regulations and identify potential financial crime. Since its inception, World-Check has served the Know Your Customer (KYC) and third-party screening needs of the world’s largest firms; simplifying day-to-day onboarding and monitoring decisions and helping businesses comply with anti-money laundering and countering financing of terrorism legislation.

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