Convergence has been overarching theme.

Financial Markets have shown a significant move with time; Blurring the lines between traditional funds and hedge funds.

Convergence has been an overarching theme. The long-only funds have started investing in over the counter assets while hedge funds have embraced the traditional pace with more transparency. The statutory environment adapted to the change, and the investors accommodated to the convergence. With this high volatility of the industry and the degree of convergence lead hedge fund managers and private equity managers to seek new strategies to adapt to this change.

Due to the dual nature of funds, Hedge fund -open ended and private equity-close ended, the term Hybrid Funds came into existence to provide a new dimension to the Fund industry.

ASCENT is an Independent Global Fund Administrator will be your partner to provide Best in class services for the complex nature of the operating hybrid funds that will be scalable and customized from a reporting standpoint.

Hybrid Funds

As the term suggests, a hybrid fund invests in multiple asset classes to cater to the need for varying risk tolerance levels. Typically, the investments are made in a mix of equity and fixed income instruments.

What is a HYBRID FUND?

There are many kinds of hybrid funds. If a mutual fund invests a large proportion in equity, it’s called an equity-oriented fund. If it invests a major portion in debt, it’s called a debt-oriented fund.

Hybrid fund structures can result in waterfall calculations even more complex with the higher asset trading volume, possible series or partnership accounting, complex fee schedules, and non-standard structures with open-ended characteristics.

ASCENT has been the Best Fund Administrator of choice for many clients that invest in private assets in semi-liquid funds. We provide transparent, accessible, and customizable reporting to our clients. Our robust technology stack offers a full range of reporting capabilities at the touch of a button.

Our “One Stop Solutions” model focuses on our clients’ needs and creates a customized service plan for each client.

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