A unit trust is an investment vehicle that comprises a pool of funds from many investors and managed by a fund manager. The fund manager will invest the pooled money into assets such as stocks, bonds, money market instruments, a combination of these investments, or even other funds. The collective holdings of the assets held in trust will form the total portfolio of a unit trust fund.

With the complexity of the nature of fund structure, it becomes imperative to have a third-party administrator that can provide professional services to adapt in the dynamic environment. ASCENT has a strong foundation of dealing with the most complex fund structures , robust technology and eKYC platform for all our clients.

Our Services

  • NAV Calculation and Portfolio Accounting.
  • Investor Services.
  • Financial statements preparations.
  • FATCA & CRS.
  • Pre- Launch Support.
  • US Tax reporting.
  • Shadow NAV.

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