How Hong Kong LPF benefit managers in the region?
Audiences: Managers in the regions (Mandarin speakers etc.)
Date: 2022 Jan 14th Friday @HKT 2pm Start
Time: 1.5 hours
Inquiries: Davy Kong,, HK Mobile: +852 9065 5006,China Mobile: +86 184 2060 1678


With the introduction of Limited Partnership Fund(“LPF”) ordinance, Hong Kong is reinforcing its position as premier asset-management hub in Asia. Ascent Group together with our partners would like to invite you to a webinar on “How Hong Kong LPF benefit managers in the region”. This webinar will focus on various aspects of the setting up pf LPF, markets trends and observation of LPF, role of Fund administrator and how LPF will benefit asset managers.

Speakers: (Agenda – Time(Total 90mins ):

  1. Moderator/Ascent HK/Davy Kong (Ascent Introduction / Fund Admin Service Coverage for LPF. Example Sharing :10 mins)
  2. DBS HK/James Lo (As for a bank, what are the trends and observations for LPF :5 to 10 mins)
  3. HKMA/Anson Law (Why LPF? What LPF can benefit Managers? (such as tax benefit etc) / Other Statistic Sharing :20 mins)
  4. King and Wood/ Jingjing Jiang (What are the process to setup LPF? Or any advice to managers who plan to set up LPF / Example sharing :15-20 mins)
  5. IM Platform Privium /Jiabin(Filippo)Shen (How IM Platform can assist LPF Setup? Example sharing :10 mins)
  6. Q&A :20 to 30 mins


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