The Ascent Group and Cloudwall Establish a Strategic Alliance to Redefine Digital Asset Risk Management

The Ascent Group, an award-winning global fund administrator, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Cloudwall, a distinguished digital asset portfolio management software provider based in US and Singapore. This collaboration seeks to enhance digital asset risk management, paving the way for superior portfolio oversight in a rapidly evolving financial milieu.

Leveraging Cloudwall’s innovative risk platform, this alliance is set to provide fund managers with robust tools for real-time risk assessment, aiding in informed decision-making and ensuring compliance amidst an increasingly regulated market landscape.

Samuel Chen (Chief Operating Officer), The Ascent Group said: “Teaming up with Cloudwall isn’t merely about bolstering our risk management capabilities. It’s
about carving a safer, more insightful pathway for our clients to manage digital assets securely and efficiently, ensuring they stay ahead of the regulatory curve while maximizing investment outcomes.”

Kyle Downey (Chief Executive Officer), Cloudwall said, “We are excited to partner with The Ascent Group. As the digital assets industry continues to evolve, we need best-in-class platforms front-to-back. As a leading crypto fund administrator, Ascent’s platform is a natural complement to our world-class portfolio management
system, Serenity. As we have seen in traditional asset classes, robust PMS-fund administrator integration assures portfolio managers that their front-office views
match with their fund accounting at all times, reducing operational cost & operational risk.”

This partnership underscores our steadfast commitment to operational excellence and customer-centric solutions, aligning seamlessly with the dynamic needs of the alternative investment industry.

About The Ascent Group:

The Ascent Group is an award-winning, independent, global fund administrator dedicated to delivering independent and customized fund administration services for fund managers in the alternative investment industry. With a strong focus on operational excellence, regulatory compliance, and customer-centricity, The Ascent Group serves as a trusted partner for fund managers looking to emerge, lead, and transform in the alternative investment industry.

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About Cloudwall:

Cloudwall is a US- and Singapore-based digital asset portfolio management software provider. With a team of quantitative and software experts, Cloudwall offers the world’s most advanced risk management platform designed for institutional portfolio managers to help them gain insights into which risks they should get exposure to and hedge against.

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