Message From Our Group Chairman

It felt like just yesterday when we first started, with a tiny office that could barely fit four people. Yes, you read that right, only four people. Those were our humble beginnings and, more importantly, our first steps toward making our dreams, goals, and vision a reality. Man! We stayed true to our vision, and three successful and memorable years have flown by.

We could have only indeed achieved our dreams and aspirations through the strong support received from our clients and the industry and through the work done by a dedicated team willing to sacrifice it all to work towards and build upon the vision of the leadership.

“I am proud and humbled that ASCENT Group has been blessed on all fronts.”

At ASCENT, we aim to revolutionize the fund administration industry globally by eliminating all the pain points. To this end, we have created our proprietary FinTech and RegTech solutions and incorporated them into our operational workflow to provide our clients and their investors with the best possible experience.

The famous liner from our National Day song,

“We have come so far together, our common destiny” resonates heavily with Ascent Group. At Ascent Group, we wish to embody the liner and do the same. We want to keep marching together as a Group, breaking all boundaries and limits, and continually growing at an incredible and responsible speed.

Happy 3rd Anniversary, ASCENT! Onwards and upwards, we shall go!


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