Exploring Uncharted Territory: The Development of Cryptocurrency Funds in 2021
Date: Thursday, April 29, 2021
Time: 4:30-5:30 pm (Hong Kong Time)
Enquiries: Davy Kong, davyk@ascentgfs.com,


In 2008, Bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrency entered the world stage, and the field of cryptocurrency investment flourished. In the ten years since then, the cryptocurrency market has gone through all the classic stages of disruptive technology. From a large-scale bull market to a market collapse, from extreme heat to gradually calm. This investment field where opportunities and risks coexist is worthy of long-term deployment by investors. In this seminar, ASCENT will work with industry experts and cryptocurrency fund stakeholders to discuss and share insights:


  • Who are the mainstream players in the cryptocurrency fund ecosystem?
  • What are the common legal frameworks for cryptocurrency funds?
  • What should be paid attention to in the offshore legal framework of cryptocurrency funds?
  • How should the invisible cryptocurrency be taxed from Hong Kong to offshore?
  • What is the difference between cryptocurrency trading and stock trading?
  • What are the common cryptocurrency strategies in the market recently?
  • Can investors directly use cryptocurrency to subscribe for cryptocurrency funds?

   Question and answer session (15 minutes)

   Guests attending:

  • Maggie Kwok, Partner, Asia Head of Funds and Regulatory, Harneys
  • Sandy Fung, Partner, Alternative Investments, Tax, Hong Kong, KPMG
  • Adrian Yang, Senior Vice President, OKEX Group
  • Davy Kong, Managing Director, Ascent Hong Kong


  • Erin Wu, Senior Vice President, Head of Investor Relations, OP Investment Management, Ltd.

Welcome to forward this invitation letter to any colleagues or customers who are interested in attending.If you have any questions or troubles during registration, please contact davyk@ascentgfs.com (Davy Kong)


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